Ce inseamna sa fii CREATIV?

Apr 25, 2011
Ce inseamna sa fii CREATIV?

Recent m-am alaturat unei conversatii pe linkedin.com cu tema:

What does being creative mean to you?

Titlul e destul de explicit asadar nu voi intra in detalii prea mult. Va las sa lecturati unele dintre cele mai interesante comentarii ale acestui topic incepand cu parerea proprie:

We are all creative… we are born creators! So we are creating something each day: ideas, objects, sometimes we also create new people. And if you all remember your own childhood and how creative you used to be, doing things without thinking too much and how your actions affect the world around you… you will realize that as we grow older we tend to lock ourselves into a rock-solid shell created by our environment and the society we live in which gradually restrains our creativity… well that’s too bad!
But some of us still have that inner child which makes us just a bit more creative than others… how do you drink your coffee? How do you slice ur bread? How do you walk? How do you eat? How do you sit down? You’ll see that there aren’t 2 people in the world that have the same walk or do all these things identical. So you see, creativity can be expressed by anything you do and specially how you do it! You can even stand up and do nothing creatively!

Parerile celorlalti:

  • Being creative is actually telling my mind ‘Dude, u need to think differently. So many people do the same things in a similar fashion everyday. Is there an alternative to doing that thing in the first place? Can it be done in an innovative manner?’. I say I have to “tell my mind” is because everyday I compromise – my job, my way of life… yet I strive hard to bring about subtle creative differences in these aspects of life.
  • I think being creative means just simply expressing who you are as an individual and sharing that creativeness with the world. Hopefully the world will embrace it and we all learn and grow by sharing what makes us all different and unique.
  • Being creative is being able to imagine beginings and endings in the middle.
  • Creative means finding a unique solution to an old problem. Society, that means us, tends to fall into patterns of behaviors. We do the same ol’, same ol’ everyday reaching the same results–and perhaps, not being satisfied with those results.
  • Creative means finding a better way to solve the issues we have with these results and reaching satisfying conclusions. It may not be re-inventing the wheel, only making it rounder so it rolls better–now that’s being creative.
  • Wait for the right opportunity (through such wonderful forums-:)) to realise the true potential of my creative abilities.
  • All of life is creative to me now….like finding a way…a reason…. for getting up in the morning! Ha! No….it’s not like that really, but you do need to be creative every day and every moment as there are multiple challenges and tasks at hand for each new dawn! Necessity is the mother of invention and creativity….We must be creative in our communications…creative in our observations….creative in our responses and reactions to sticky situations. And we must be creative if we are to last in any relationship!
  • creative means change what I’m not satisfied. Therefore I feel I am unique.
  • Pushing the boundaries of what is expected or assumed.
  • “Being creative” for me is simply being able to bring to life the ideas that are spring forth in your mind. Creativity is about “newness”… looking at things not as they are but as they could be. I’ve gone through many episodes in my life for being creative. Both good and bad. I have been accepted, loved, rejected, and yes hated for being creative. Been creative all my life, for as long as I can remember. I believe that creativity is a force, something like gravity, an unseen thing that compels us to write, to draw to create something from nothing. For me it’s like a stream of water, like a faucet. That once it’s turned on, just get out of the way and let the paintings paint themselves. Let the books write themselves, let the art speak for itself… For me, the physical is just the conduit for what’s really inside.. that creative spark. Just my two cents…
  • Creativity is freedom! To exist on a different plain than anybody else.
  • I think being original is impossible, we can only build on what’s gone before. So, being creative requires a thirst for knowledge and experience, and an equally profound even obsessive need to create: personally I write, though I am as likely to draw, or photograph or film. Inreasingly I find it is a collaborative exercise too, that a band of people, say four (liek the Bettles), can, with a mixture of skills and some overlap, do wonderful things.
  • Being creative means that the creative person see problems as challenges and challenges as opportunities. When a challenge is seen as an opportunity, inspiration follows.That creative idealism is empowering. Irregardless of medium of expression (poetry, literature, painting, design, sculpture, architecture, fashion, music), or every other potentially creative disciplines, be scientific, economic, sociopolitical or philosophical. The act of creation is not exclusive to artists alone. Any person willing to take a detour from what is known or expected, into the realm of the unknown, uncommon or non traditional is creative.That is why a creative attitude or posture is needed to tackle challenge. The other part is vision. A visionary is creative in the way that make others be creative in their own right.
  • For me creativity is a process followed by experiences and emotions that we accomplish in life. From the moment I stepped in this beautiful “stage” that is life, full with character’s, colors, forms, sounds I started my journey into creativity. Laughing, crying, being angry, loosing, winning… living it all with fulfillment allowed me to become more aware and receptive of the wonder’s that I’m capable of achieving as a problem solver, in fact we all just need to see what we are not seeing and look at things with other perspective, break the patterns, prejudices, clear our minds and realize what is front of us…waiting to be seen. Creativity cannot have strains it must be like river flowing freely, making life worth living.
  • To me, being creative means imagining unique thoughts and channeling those thoughts into something tangible, or simply to think in an unconventional, unconfined way.
  • Creativity = no fear of the unknown.
  • Creativity is making something new that has some kind of value. Whether that value is agreed-upon by many, decided by the one, or somewhere in between varies a lot. I realized a while back that I’m most happy when I’m in the process of creating. Whether it’s working on a drawing or animation, putting things together while cooking in the kitchen, or finding a new way to bundle branches in the yard, I always feel happiest when I’m being creative. So I try to do it as often as possible, using the opportunities every day presents.
  • Freeing your mind of all knowledge and giving argument to your imagination. QUESTIONING is the key to creativity!
  • BEING creative means making something that has not been made before (by you and/or anyone else), whether its art, design, writing, or cooking.
    NOT being creative is repetitive work, duplicating something someone else has made or working in a production line.
    You’ve probably have felt this on some occasion; doing something that you can do in your sleep or without needing your brain.
  • I think it could be inscribed into one or two words “self-determination”.
    It is the sister of destruction but also in essence the human trait of problem solving.
    This makes it responsible for everything that we have today.
  • I feel creativity is about achieving the best results within the given constraints
  • Being Creativity means that all things are possible if you only believe.
  • Being creative means, elevating yourself to God. You have opportunity to bring to life what never existed. That’s not heretical, and anyone that has ever breathed life into their characters understands it.
  • Creativity is not reserved for those only in traditionally recognized creative fields such as artist or musician, but is something that all people possess. Even lawyers are creative. Creativity is a skill, similar to language, that gets more developed the more it’s used. I think children are naturally creative, but as we mature into adulthood many of us attach so many labels to the idea of what it means to be creative, that some may miss out on the rewards of acknowledging the creative part within us. I think some who work in creative fields such as design like to promote this idea that creativity belongs exclusively to the few who display an overt talent for the arts, but it’s in humanity’s best interest to encourage everyone to tap into their innate creative resource.
  • Creative is the way you think and perceive things. Someone may see a face while another would see lines, tone and expression, cut open a pomegranate and you may be swept away by the vibrant colours or simply eat it. Some are was creative and others can be taught to think creatively. It really is just a way or analysing and solving problems and constantly questioning and observing. From the time I could draw I have been in the creative process of thinking, generating, developing and finishing.
  • Being creative is going with the flow, trusting happy accidents and serendipidy. Being creative is tapping into un-censored energy and acting on it.
  • to evoke emotion through something original and watch it grow… then start all over again.
  • Being creative means nothing to me. Being creative is something you are born with and what is in your soul. Being creative is not important for yourself, it is important for the other.
  • The only time any of us can really be creative is when we can allow our mind to become still because when we can find some stillness and silence then our brain can push us beyond our boundaries.
  • its only you and your imaginations that speaks itself.
  • Being creative is my link to God. It is being in touch with the creator of the stars, the earth, the flowers and the trees. It is the way I reflect God, the way I mirror the eternal. Being creative is my connection with the spiritual.
  • To me, creativity is literally creating something. I can truly enjoy thinking out theories, talking to people, building up ideas, but the true creative process is about creating something you can see and touch, something you can show to others.
  • “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” ~ Willy Wonka
  • I have another thought, creativity is the song of the soul. The more one listens to the song, the more one can interprite and share the results with the world!
  • Creativity is vomiting out who you are by any means available to you.
  • Creativity to me is developing or designing a thing that takes into account or captures the essence or beauty of something and makes it plain so that anyone can understand and appreciate it. Creativity is about simplicity.
  • It’s an addiction and an obsession.
  • Being creative is a suttle dance in your mind. It begins with a tap of your feet and the playing of your hands as the music in your heart plays on and on.
  • creative is so subjective, what is creative to you is so totally not happening for some one else. Each one of us some time in life is labelled either creative or mad for the same stuff you do! its just an outlook, I think creativity is arriving at solution where none have been found
  • Being creative is taking something that was done a thousand time and make it your own. Always knew I was creative, not in the art world at first but always found different appproaches to every day life and work experiences. Creativity served me well over the years, was dubbed weird, strange, different, but it really does not matter at the end I am who I am.
  • Everybody is creative in some form, so I’d say its a just the way we are. The question is, how do you show your creative prowess? It’s like latent energy, if I don’t harness it, it doesn’t matter in the world. Also, what is my aim? because creativity can be used both negatively and positively.So far, as long as my creativity is harnessed properly and is directed to benefiting people and the environment. I don’t have a need to feel accepted or loved, because that really doesn’t matter
  • Creativity is wasting nothing and finding purpose in everything. Antonia. I think creativity involves a kind if giving that trumps the need for acceptance because you have shared all that you are. To paraphrase the great Bandleader and Jazz pianist Thelonius Monk: “Don’t worry about people not liking your music. It may take them 40 years to really get it”.
  • Being creative is not pushing boundaries or coming up with something new. Creative is using the knowledge you have and the knowledge available to you to manipulate your current task or situation in a way that benefits you or the people around you. It’s refusing to except “no” or “not possible”.
  • Creativity is mixing up the best result from what you have seen, experienced and observed, + As Einsten told “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”.
  • It is ‘BEING’ that is creative! :-)
  • Creativity is a process of intention become manifested in a form or without a form. As long as a person keep his intention pure it progresses and one understands the taste of creativity and its blessings. Creativity is self-knowing on individual and collective level.
  • I feel being creative is just that, BEING. You cannot fake creativity, it is part of you and it will spill out into every fiber of your life. I have seen creative people in all industries and disciplines.
  • There’s the whole yin/yang philosophy put succinctly. The point I was trying to make is the fact we’re only here for a limited time. We can’t get out of life alive. What we create is our own stamp on our existence.
  • Simply being creative means manifesting your ideas and imagination into the physical world.

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